Mi_Style = Me/My Style.

Today, children’s trends are driven by persuasive parenting and we want children to have their own say. They need to be encouraged to have their own agency, in order to make the process a collaborative effort. However, there is a current tension between parent and child because millennial parents dress their children in styles which doesn’t affect their personal aesthetic because millennial parents are seeing their children as their extended selves.
My aim for this project is to create an interactive kids’ application, which is compatible for smart phones and tablets, along with a physical lookbook and an Instagram campaign. It is predominately aimed at children between the ages of 4-10 years old.

Mi_Style = Me/My Style. The ‘i’ in Mi_Style stands for many things and these are just the few: 
- Interactive (Mi_Style is an interactive fashion platform for kids)
- Imagination (Mi_Style activates their imagination and encourages creativity)
- Inspire (Mi_Style urges children to inspire one another with their unique looks)
- Influence (Mi_Style allows kids to influence each other’s style in an appropriate manner)
- Identity (Mi_Style helps girls and boys create an identity for themselves)
- Independence (Mi_Style gives children the independence they need)
- Innovative (Mi_Style unleashed constant new ideas from children from across the globe)

Illustration: Kasia Kettunen, Makeup: Noor Dhanju, Assistance: Layla Robinson, Set Assistance: Niki Lee.

⚠️illustrations in clipart was found through Pinterest and is not original content ⚠️

⚠️ The photographs have been captured by myself⚠️

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