We love to feel and touch, everything we cross. what if transparency was literally at the tip of our fingers? what if we could experience hyper transparency just through touch? 
My proposed outcome ‘H&M Psychometry’ has been designed to fulfil the user’s needs in this prospective future and create a new sustainable high street fashion retail experience.
As a Studio we suggested that sustainability means consciousness and that Gen z needs a way to easily access honest information about the products they are buying because consumers are becoming increasingly cynical and do not trust brands. This insight guided us towards the problem statement: ‘How can the message of sustainability be streamlined and simplified to gen z across all sectors in order provide a greater sense of trust?’ (Creatural Studio, 2019).
Gen Z are so use to having everything right at tip of their fingers that they forget what it’s like to go somewhere without interacting with mediums.
The solution is Psychometry. The ability to read objects history through physical contact. With the in-store psychometry system you are able to instantly know everything you want to know about the product you come into contact with. 
This meets the generation’s needs as it creates universal awakening, offers honesty and merges the online and the physical together. For a user who lives in an online and offline cycle, H&M Psychometry is a great solution as it is accessed in store but saved through the app.
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